Wingspan is a non-profit foundation committed to helping people soar to the unlimited heights of their potential by practicing 12 simple life lessons that they then, in a pay-it-forward process, teach others, thus deepening the learning for themselves. We call it: Prepare to Soar – Teach to Learn.


To challenge three major societal problems: Distraction, Deception and Disintegration through Mindfulness, Truth-telling and Transformation.


Habits of Heroes, 12 Practices of the Mentor, is the work of Wingspan founder Jeff Patnaude (Tedx Talk – April 2018.) Jeff has licensed the use of this material to the Wingspan Foundation so that Non-Profits can benefit from Wingspan's HOH Learning Management System (at 1/10 the cost.) PDFs of the guidebooks from the HOH Practices are available to be distributed to your HOH Triads.


Some examples of our selected categories challenged by transition, exhaustion and frustration are: Formerly Incarcerated, Single working parents, Transitioning veterans, Health care-givers, High school/college students, Police officers.


Currently, West Virginia high school students are teaching 6th graders what they were taught by their mentors who were taught by the author of the lessons. Hundreds of Corporate leaders have taught their employees lessons they learned from an Executive Mentor resulting in a deepening of their own understanding and behavioral change in their corporate culture. With appropriate funding, 2,200 San Francisco Police Officers are waiting for the program to begin. 72 former inmates have registered for the program as we await funding for the unlimited potential of this process and program. 2022 is the focus for the proposed participants as the WHEN achieves funding.