Executive Coaching

Patnaude, with over 40 years experience, has guided tens of thousands of leaders seeking to “make more than a living by making a difference.” He has been a Mentor, Counselor, and Coach in a one-to-one transformational process that encourages change, at both a professional level and personally. Leaders learn that “leaving a legacy” is more important than “managing a career”.  Anyone who serves under this platform of leadership will find that their lives are enhanced.


Please Note:  This process is limited to 12 participants per year.

Team Development

The desire to “belong” in a tribe that is transparent and authentic is proven to be the primary goal of new and existing teams. From there, trust, managing conflict, commitment and  accountability leads to the final goal:  focusing on results. Having guided even dysfunctional groups toward high performance, Patnaude has the ability to uncover and help resolve even the most difficult obstacles. This three day, off-site experience promises high level results and a commitment to excellence.


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e-Pro (Engineer as P.R.O.)

Over 8,000 engineers have learned that their role is essential as the public relations official. Long after the sale has been secured, it is the engineer who remains with the customer to continue the on-going relationship in superior customer service, insuring a long-term relationship and future sales opportunities. This two-day off-site seminar teaches effective communication, listening skills, coaching others and an inspirational leadership model with the engineer serving as a critical factor in the company’s success.


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Extraordinary Communication

Head, heart and gut are the three brains necessary for effective communication. Learning how to use them in listening, public speaking, meeting management and coaching brings the level of communication to the extraordinary. Organizations spend too much time in wasteful and ineffective communication and collaboration – this two day, on-site experience can transform your cultural code.


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Patnaude’s theory of management focuses on two primary management arenas: the behavior of the manager and the work climate. “We do not manage people – we manage ourselves and the environment where people work best for achieving the desired high performance.” This is a two day, off-site training that utilizes testing instruments and data collection from superiors and subordinates plus interactive skill training in communication, work/life flow, motivation and the Manager as Coach according to psychological Type.


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Energy Intelligence Leadership

Cognitive intelligence is assumed and has long been the focus of our educational pursuits; Emotional intelligence is a newly and much greater determined success factor; Energy intelligence is a level of leadership with the most significant of all contributions: wisdom. This two-day off-site experience is at a level that is only for those seeking to move from average to the extraordinary. Patnaude has guided thousands of leaders toward this level of leading and invites those interested in doing not more, but their best.


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For any of these offerings, contact jeff@patnaude.com