What People Are Saying

“In this internet economy where the fast beat the slow, it is important to balance our professional and personal lives. Jeff Patnaude’s work reminds us how to find balance in a work where the pace of change is extremely fast.”

John Chambers, Chairman of the Board (ret), Cisco Systems


“Public Sector’s experience with The Patnaude Group Inc. had a remarkable effect on my team. Not only were the instruments and the coaching done prior to our two day team event “Spot On” with each individual, the use of the data on developmental needs allowed us to hit the floor running toward what we needed to accomplish. In addition, the problem solving process that groups people according to their primary strengths, eliminated time consuming discussion and allowed us to resolve three top issues in 35 minutes. This program, along with superior facilitation, has the makings of being revolutionary within our Cisco culture.”

Bruce Klein, SVP, Cisco WWPO


“Leadership is not what we do, it is first who we are.” ‘Jeff Patnaude taught me that as he also helped me discover who I really am so that I can begin to truly realize my leadership potential. This program has taken me through a journey of introspection, understanding, application and growth unlike any other. It is very difficult for me to summarize what my experience with this program has meant to me because it has meant so many wonderful things. However, I am a leader in one simple area –in EVERYTHING!. The leader within has been there my entire life. Thank you for helping me unwrap that gift so that I could find the treasure inside. Jeff, you have no idea how energized I become when I find out that people I know have begun to work with you. I just feel compelled to encourage them through my testimony, and to relate to them in a way that I am led to believe will be helpful to them.’

Jason Woodard, Vice President, Metromont Corporation


“As leaders, we’re continually approached with opportunities to participate in various leadership, management and personal growth seminars. While offering value in their own ways, The Patnaude Group’s comprehensive program is the only one I would recommend as a mandatory tool for executives. From the most current management and leadership principals to the most advanced mentoring and enlightened life skills, Jeff’s program covers the gamut. He and Susan make an investment in getting to know you as a whole person and are quickly able to adjust the program’s focus to help you achieve and excel in ways you might not have thought possible. The openness of your own mind to hearing what he has to share is the only limitation to this program and he is an expert at helping break down the barriers that may inhibit your ability to grow. If you’re looking to sincerely make a difference and contribute to ‘the greater good’, whatever your profession, I highly recommend investing your time with The Patnaude Group. It’s an experience you’ll leverage and value long after you’ve completed the course.

Rick Sanford, Former Director and Chief Strategist Global Government Solutions Croup, Cisco Systems


“I have participated in Jeff’s small group and team building process at his farm in Virginia. The setting, approach and insight provided have proven to be a life- changing experience. I highly recommend Jeff’s work. If you cannot make it to Virginia or have Jeff for your offsite as a guest speaker, at a minimum read his books. He is an accomplished author: Leading from the Maze: A Personal Pathway to Leadership and Living Simultaneously: Balancing Self-Care, Personal Relationship and Work’ Jeff’s writing style is enhanced since he is speaking first hand of his personal life and leadership journey. It is a must read for anyone who seeks to understand themselves and expand their impact on others.

Brent Byrnes, Cisco Systems


“The 3 days that our 4-person executive team spent at the Golden Apple Training Center were profound. The Strategic Visioning Process helped us to see the changes we needed to make throughout our organization to truly be effective and to best focus on our true purpose. We left after 3 days with a new understanding of each other and with a purpose and a plan. I have never spent 3 days in my business career that have had a bigger impact on my life and my future.

Jeremiah Cook, Co-Founder of Varrow


Jeff Patnaude is a master teacher and communicator who, in his Transformational Leadership program, enables others to realize their own potential. I have been a public speaker for forty years and have generally done pretty well. With Jeff’s coaching and encouragement, I am now receiving more positive feedback and I am enjoying speaking even more than ever. Jeff’s focus on self-awareness enables participants to work to their optimum potential, being more productive and joyful in the process. Thank you Jeff, and your excellent Susan.

Martin Townsend, IX Bishop of Easton


“I am humbled by the impact that you and Susan have had on my life. I can say without a doubt that I am a much better person from having had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by you both. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”

Wayne Fullerton, Operations Director, NPO -Cisco Federal Sales


“Jeff – 2008 has been a transformational year for me due to the work I have done with you and Susan. I know that 2009 is going to be even more filled with great things.”

Dawn Duross, Operations Manager, Cisco Systems


“Through Jeff and his Executive Coaching program, I have personally grown and have become more reflective. His process taught me to be more sensitive to the needs of my staff and to become a better leader. I have become more patient and better appreciate the diversity in people and the need to say thank you more often. Thank you Jeff.”

Brian Cooper, Vice President of Quality, Takata Inc.


In working with Jeff Patnaude, he unlocks your inner self to be able to recognize who you really are as a person. You are able to understand and make human connections in the most real and sincere sense of communicating. You learn how you best communicate and connect as well as discover ways to tremendously enhance your ability to coach, mentor and work with people. The Transformational Leadership approach significantly changes even the most seasoned and experienced leaders in how they lead, communicate, and connect with people.

Greg Gall, Cisco Systems


“I entered the first class apprehensive that being here was more beneficial than being at work. In retrospect, my work suffered because I wasn’t here earlier. Regardless of our title or the industry, we all share similar challenges that provide us with a feeling of success or failure, either of which are determined by our ability to communicate and develop a spirit of vision and action. From my time at Golden Apple it was revealed, discussed and nurtured that the ability to do this successfully was oftentimes controlled by my own approach and understanding of those with whom I work. Did I speak their language? Did I listen intently? Did my decisions have their interest in mind? How could I develop leadership skills that created excitement, creativity, commitment and solidarity?

My time with Jeff and Susan is responsible for developing a better understanding of myself, others, and in turn, better leadership and hence better results. If you are on the fence, feel that your area of responsibility is stagnant, or sense that your results could be so much more, I encourage you to participate – you will come away better in all areas within your influence.”

Kirk Edens, President, Allied Concrete


“I am 47 years and I thought I knew most things about life. In just 6 hours, you have answered so many life questions for me. What a great life shaping experience! Thank you for doing this to enrich others.”

David Rubal, Cisco Systems


“Calling The Patnaude Group’s Transformational Strategic Visioning Program merely a seminar does not accurately describe it. It is a spiritual leadership experience unlike anything we have ever encountered. It has the ability to truly transform managers into leaders. We believe it to be a key component to our success to such a degree that we have committed to allowing all of our managers experience it.

Dan Weiss, Co-Founder of Varrow


“Jeff Patnaude’s leadership program is the first program I have ever participated in that focused on me, and explained the transformational leadership qualities that I need to develop to become a great leader. Jeff has the gift for getting through the layers of your self-defense mechanism and helping you look introspectively at the areas you need to change. Jeff goes further to give you customized tools to develop those transformational skills and attributes. This program is truly inspirational and life changing.”

Todd Shenk, Crider-Shockey


“I can personally attest to the fact that there is no other course, class, retreat or seminar that comes close to teaching you about the balance of work, relationships and your inner self. Jeff opened my eyes allowing me to better see the how and why our insides mold our being, thus allowing me to understand it and utilize it in the world of work/life balance.”

Glenn Moreland, Director, Metromont Corporation


“One thing that was revealed to me through this process was our need for self-care – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Also, our group was an experience I will never forget. I have such respect for my colleagues and know that the trust among us will always bring us back together.”

Tim Silk, Cisco Systems


“I realized that I can confidently state my values, purpose, work and legacy to anyone. Having to determine those statements was a big step in my personal development.”

Martin Royal – Cisco Systems


“Jeff’s course changed my life both professionally and personally. Our group covered tremendous territory about ourselves, our relationships and our purpose, values and goals as leaders. We were provided with real, workable solutions and methods on how to become better public speakers, achieve better balance in all aspects of our lives, and become leaders who truly make a difference.”

Jennifer Seay – President, Century Marketing & Communications, Inc.


“This program has allowed me to grow in ways I did not think were possible in just 4 days. This program is not just for future leaders or managers, it is for everyone wanting to grow and become a better person in life.”

Jeff Thompson, Space Initiatives Manager, Cisco Systems


“What I like about the training program is that Jeff and Susan assemble interesting, talented executive level leaders who are there to invest in and improve their leadership capabilities. I learned from Jeff and Susan as well as the other participants attending the course. I also was pleased that the focus of the sessions gave me specific, individualized feedback on my leadership strengths and weaknesses as well as specific tools with which to improve my strong areas and shore up weak areas. I also like that we developed a plan that we could take back to our work and use to initiate improvements.”

Ashley B. Smith, President/COO, Smith-Midland Pre-cast Concrete


“Jeff and Susan– I really want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for the activities and education I gained from the Executive Coaching session with you. Jeff, in you I sense something special that goes way beyond what you taught. I would like to work with you again in the future to continue my learning. Susan – you are the consummate hostess making everyone comfortable and individually important. Your coaching sessions with me tend to be a daily reminder of self-awareness. Thank you both for what you have given me.”

Steve Kapp, Mgr. Consulting Engineer, GGSG Advanced Services, Cisco Systems


“The course is unique in that it contains a triple-challenge. The first is to have the depth of character to understand the need to transform yourself. The second is to have the genuine desire to transform the lives of those around you. The third is for all of us who have taken the course, working in loose union, to transform the world in which we live, one spirit at a time….”

Fr. T. L. Crowder, Anglican Catholic Church


“I’ve been through a lot of training in the past and this has been the most profound and useful training that I’ve experienced. It has not only helped me professionally but it has dramatically impacted me at the personal level.”

Chris Coleman, Cisco Systems


Jeff, I am writing to thank you for the terrific job you did with the Cisco Space Team. Some of my colleagues were quite skeptical of the need for a team “coach” yet, as we broke up, my sternest critics were the most effusive in their praise of the activity and of you, in particular, as our mentor.

Brett Biddington, Cisco Systems


“I came thinking I needed to reinvent myself but learned, instead that I needed a tune up. This course should be required of all HUMANS.

Eddie Hentz, Metromont Corporation


“I discovered my purpose and having done so, I no longer walk – I soar.”

Janet Lyons, Cisco Systems


“Gracious blessings, focusing my entire being on my developing value as a true giver.”

Scott Galke, General Manager, Metromont Corporation


“The Transformation leadership program allowed for clarity and understanding that helped m to formulate my life purpose and apply this knowledge to my everyday activities. The time spent here was invaluable and I feel blessed to be in the presence of Jeff and Susan. Their wisdom and perspective have changed me.”

Kristen Adams, Cisco Systems