Parables for Parenting

Read a Story, Live the Lesson

White Rhino Press is a celebration of art and stories that teach a lesson for the parent and the child. Author, Jeff Patnaude wrote his first book when he was asked to speak to his daughter’s 4th grade class about the loss of their beloved teacher who died with cancer. Creating a story that showed that her loving spirit would remain in their hearts for a lifetime, the book went on to sell 10,000 copies for the benefit of the school library fund. Since that time, he has written 30 more powerful, illustrated modern day parables that touch both reader and hearer.


Every illustration is the legacy of unique artists who will bring joy and meaning into your life through their art. Enjoy the tour and may our work be of benefit to you.

Books for Business

Jeff Patnaude imagines the future and draws from the past in order to offer the most current thinking for issues in the present.


Leading from the Maze (Ten Speed Press, 1996) was the first book ever published that utilized the emerging popularity of the use of the Labyrinth for a three part process for strategic visioning. Journey Inward, The Place of Center and Journey Outward remain a continuing structure for many of his seminars and executive coaching programs.


Living Simultaneously (White Rhino Press, 1999). While many were compartmentalizing their daily schedules in the 90’s into very expensive personal planning journals, Patnaude wrote a slim book that instead made Quantum Sense. Work/Life balance is achieved, not by dividing our life up into blocks, but through the natural process of FLOW. And when one of the life circles of Self-Care, Personal Relationships and Work is nourished, the other two benefit.


The Year of Your Transformation (White Rhino Press, 2021). Originally published as The Wisdom of Our Father, Patnaude’s two daughters and dear wife highlighted 365 of his quotes from previous publications. He took it further by writing a daily reflection for each of the quotes. A daily journal for the curious soul is what it now has become.


The Habits of Heroes, 12 Practices of the Mentor (White Rhino Press, 2022) Still offered as a transformational, instructor led course, this book is now available through a Learning Management System for self-directed application. The Visual Voice(T) medium includes video, music and audio modalities for learning each practice. A full Hero’s Journey Guidebook is included.