Recognizing Gifts


You have been blessed with gifts that flow through you. Like the air we breathe that flows through us for the purpose of giving life, our gifts are not ours to claim as our own but those expressions of creation that flow through us.


Circle the following gifts that flow through you:

The Gifts of Communication:

Speaking – the gift for communicating spoken words with passion, clarity and brevity
Writing – the gift for formulating thoughts and expressing them in written form so that they bring encouragement, guidance, knowledge and enlightenment to the reader
Teaching – the gift for creating a learning environment in which minds and hearts are drawn into the process of learning and transforming
Music – the gift for creating or performing music for the benefit of others
Knowledge – the gift for discovering, accumulating, analyzing, clarifying and disseminating information
Craftsmanship – the gift of creating material objects (Paintings, furniture, etc.) that have lasting value and bring joy to others
Facilitating – the gift for overseeing a process that allows everyone a voice and a stake in the outcome


The Gifts of Healing:

Healing – the gift for serving as a channel of wholeness for restoring health either through healing or curing
Compassion – the gift for being able to immerse ourselves fully in the human condition to genuinely feel the pain and struggle of another
Counseling – the gift for listening generously and providing words of comfort, challenge, consolation and encouragement
Giving – the gift for contributing time and material resources with joy and without the expectation of reciprocity
Hospitality – the gift for creating an open space where trust, play and celebration are present Intervention – the gift for interceding in conflict with positive resolution


The Gifts of Leadership:

Presence – the gift for having influence without authority
Wisdom – the gift for discerning what is right, true and necessary
Vision – the gift for seeing potential and constructing a visual concept with confidence
Management – the gift for administering the vision of the leadership through organization and the oversight of human and material resources
Coaching – the gift for helping guide others toward the achievement of their pre-determined goals
Mentoring – the gift for guiding others by example for increasing their effectiveness in the application of the
gifts that flow through them
Serving – the gift of leading others by serving the needs of those who are led
Contributing to The Greater Good – the gift of moving beyond self interest by serving a cause that benefits the majority



gardener – florist
crafts person
cook – caterer
tree person
lawn & garden
graphic designer
grant writer
handy person for repairs
sound engineer
educator – teacher
entrepreneur – seed accelerator
data analyst
security guard
reporter – press releases
tax acct
admin assistant
makeup – clothing expert
construction – builder
engineer – heating & AC